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SHIPWRECKED 64: A Lost Analog Horror Game For N64 Tells The Truth About A Shipwreck.

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Shipwrecked 64 is an analogue and platform horror game developed by Squeaks D'Corgeh where you play a canceled and lost Nintendo 64 game that shows the journey of Bucky and his friends who, while fishing, are hit by a storm and wake up in a kind of island. Now, Bucky must find his friends and get his boat back, but strange and mysterious things may reveal the reality of this accident at sea.

The game has visuals with the use of analog filter and the use of several cutscenes in cgi that help to tell the story of Shipwrecked 64, however, following the game objectively you will not be able to understand why Shipwrecked 64 is a horror game, unless start losing in minigames, where the real game begins. Doing everything right within the game will get you an ending, but solving the minigames otherwise will get you what would be the real ending and the truth about the accident.

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