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SIREN: Investigate a Broken-down Compound on Mars in this Amazing Doom TC Mod

Siren is an indie first-person survival horror action game being produced by Dithered Output and currently in the development stage. However, a demo version of the game was published on January 13th of this year and is available on the platform. In Siren you receive an interplanetary distress signal coming from a specific location on Mars, more precisely at a site known as Redark 1979. Your mission is to investigate and, above all, survive what is there.

Siren is a Total Conversion Mod of Doom II, that is, a mod that despite using Doom II as a base, it completely modifies the game, replacing gameplay and progression mechanics, and even maps and visuals. In addition to presenting an environment with low lighting, bringing us a horror immersion similar to Doom 3, the level of challenge is quite considerable: apparently, the game being in development, still doesn't have a HUD to identify the remaining energy, the amount of ammo and the inventory. Because of this, the only way to know if we're taking damage or not is an aim point generated by the pistol, and nothing else. Because of this, it is very easy to take damage where you least expect it, which requires care on the part of the player.

Check out Siren's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the demo by clicking on the respective links below. It's worth remembering that you need the GZDoom program and the ".wad" file from Doom II to play Siren.


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