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Slender: Return To Rosswood Park is a first-person survival horror game where you play as someone who decides to visit a park at night and needs to find 8 dark pages scattered around. However, a strange faceless being is all around and you cannot face it.

The game is a kind of remake of the first game with improved visuals and the use of an analog filter that can run with some difficulty on average computers due to the amount of effects implemented. We were able to play with all the lower settings and still, at times it was possible to see a drop in frames.

Slender: Return To Rosswood Park has some problems that can generate some frustration in the player: the large map makes it very difficult to search for some random pages and the flashlight dims its light if you spend a long time in the game, forcing you to restart without losing the game .

Check out the Slender: Return To Rosswood Park gameplay (TRUE ENDING)

Download Slender: Return To Rosswood Park survival horror game


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