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SNOWY PATH: Survive a Relentless Blizzard, Wolves and a Vengeful Spirit in this Adventure Game

Snowy Path is an indie adventure and survival game, produced by students on the Gamagora Game Show and published on the indie game platform "". The game was produced in 4 months and tells the story of Oneira, a young Iroquois native girl who got lost in an enchanted mountain, in the middle of a blizzard. Your objective is to explore the various places and survive the wolves, the extreme cold and a dangerous spirit.

In terms of graphics, Snowy Path presents a very simple style, a little cartoonish, but very beautiful. The gameplay is simple, but suitable for a more story-oriented game. You face wolves along the way, using a rifle, whose ammunition can be found along the way. However, the game is not without flaws: an example is in the puzzles. In my opinion they could be a little more neat, challenging. Another example is the lack of a purpose for certain items. In a short time he was no longer using the compass, much less the spyglass.

Despite these flaws, the game remains interesting, fun and with the potential to be bigger and more exploitable. The story is built through the elements within the game, but it deserves to have a little more work, and certainly will be, as the game is in development stage. It is worth taking a look, both on this link here, and by downloading it from the game page below:

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