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SONG OF THE VOID: Explore a Shattered World, bring what's Dead to Life and Mend what's been Broken

Song of the Void is a relaxing and stress-free indie adventure game that is being produced by adrian_gamedesign and is currently in the development stage, however the game had a demo version that was published on February 11th of this year, on the platform In Song of The Void, you're placed in a sort of celestial sphere, or a strange planet that sits in the void. When you get there, you see that this sphere is in pieces and that if there was any life there, it no longer exists. Your objective is to form vines and platforms to explore these pieces of the sphere, activate strange constructs to revitalize the areas and bring life back to this strange place.

The game has a very well done look, with beautiful graphics and lighting. But Song of the Void's focus is on its gameplay. You have three islands, each with its own colors and characteristics. At first you have very limited skills, but over time they evolve. Skills are only used with the mouse. There are elements present on these islands that can be interacted with by the player, such as globes of light and cubes that are located at various points, so the game also requires a little exploration on the part of the player.

Check out the Song of the Void gameplay and, if you're interested, download the demo, just click on the respective links below.


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