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SONIC THE FIGHTERS BLITZ: You will be surprised by this Sonic fangame.

Sonic The Fighters Blitz is a Sonic The Hedgehog fighting fangame developed by Restless Dipstick where you play with Sonic and his friends in 2d arenas in the best King of Fighters or Street Fighter style.

The game has several different scenarios inspired by the Sonic The Fighters game and also new scenarios, as well as several characters such as Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Espio and several others with dozens of different blows in a frantic and fast game that reminds a lot of The King of Fighters . As it is a demo build, it still lacks content, but what you can experience is very surprising for a fangame.

Check out the Sonic The Fighters Blitz gameplay

Download Sonic The Fighters Blitz fangame


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