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SOPPEL: a top down BULLET-HELL game about descending a pit of trash and garbage while face MECHAS.

Soppel is a top-down bullet-hell indie action game developed by Faxdoc where you go down a cane in various levels while fighting mechs and robots to find what's at the bottom.

The game plays well and has incredibly satisfying battles where you gain energy as you destroy your enemies by creating combos and collecting points that serve to improve your attributes after facing the bosses. The visuals are well done despite looking like a chaos of pixels and the design of the bosses are quite attractive, with plenty of colors and effects. The same can be said for the sound that accompanies pretty energetic music tracks that match the pace of the game.

Download Soppel right now and have fun with amazing battles where you can unlock new weapons and game modes after the end, making the replay factor of the game high.

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