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SPACE JANITOR: Collect Spacial Debris and Fix Up Sattelites in this Simulation Game

Space Janitor is a simulation and puzzle indie game with educational ends that was released on November 23 of this year by Kickback Studios. Here, you are a janitor whose mission is to clean and destroy all the debris that runs on the Earth's orbit, as well as fixing broken satellites and find lost password notes to activate a space pod, adrift in space.

The game has good graphics and gameplay factors. You can move freely into space, fly very fast with the aid of a Jetpack, and use two guns: one for cut objects and the other for suck or move objects. Unfortunately, the game has some bugs, both in sound effects and the speaking balloons said by the janitor's chief, what bothers sometimes and stuck the gameplay.

Despite that, Space Janitor is a very fun game and has the objective of aware people about the space debris problem and the potential risks that it can bring to Earth if not solved properly. Check out the gameplay right here and, if you have an interest in play the game, click on the link below:


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