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Spectral Scape

"Spectral Escape is a puzzle game where you have to die to escape a wild west prison. Push blocks, press buttons, collect piggies, turn into a ghost, possess animals, and get your freedom!

Poncho, world's fastest, most fearsome cowboy. He's famous throughout the entire wild west for always protecting the weak and fighting for justice against criminals! One day, however, he got framed for a crime he didn't commit. This must be pesky El Sombrero's trap! He now has to escape prison and prove his innocence, but he needs to make a big sacrifice to do so.

To finish every level, you have to find a way to reach the goal as a ghost, but be careful! Poncho cannot interact with the environment as a ghost, so you have to clear the way for him to be able to escape before he gets rid of his body. Along the way, you will encounter many obstacles, blocks, switches, conveyor belts, explosive crates, dogs, and rats! Sometimes you will even be able to possess certain animals as a ghost and use their special abilities.

This demo features 12 levels, while in the final game there will be 100 levels, with 4 distinct areas and 1 bonus chapter." (site's description)

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