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SPITE: EGAR'S RAGE: Face the Moon God and bring the Sun into Eternal Winter in this Action Game

SPITE: Egar's Rage is an indie action-adventure game that was produced by JC Fuggy, for The Game Assembly, and that was published on December 21st of this year, on the platform. In Egar's Rage, you control Egar, a warrior who lives drunkard, in a world that suffers from an eternal winter, after the defeat of the Sun Goddess at the hands of his own brother, the Moon God. Now, it's up to Egar, now refreshed and inhabited by the weakened Goddess, eliminate your enemies and wage one last battle against the Moon God and thus make the Sun shine once more on the earth.

In terms of graphics, the game is very well done. It features a really cool character design, and sets with great lighting. The gameplay is inspired by one of the most famous western RPG games in the world: Diablo, more precisely the third chapter. Here we have a game with a top-down, isometric camera, where you use the mouse buttons both to make the character move and attack, and some keyboard buttons, for special attacks and triggering potions to recover.

But the game isn't perfect: it has some bugs, one of them that even prevents (apparently) from completing the second stage. I don't know if there are any secret passages or something like that, but I played this stage twice, and it looked to me like the map doesn't have an exit passage; it's a completely closed map with no way out. I could only proceed due to the main menu, which contains the stages to choose from.

Despite these bugs, SPITE: Egar's Rage is a pretty cool game, with solid gameplay and a simple but cool storyline. Check out the gameplay of the game and, if you are interested, download it by clicking on the links below.



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