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SPLICE CRISIS 2: Annihilate Your Enemies and Save the Survivors in this Arena Shooter

Splice Crisis 2 is a third-person indie action shooting and survival game being produced by MagellanicGames and whose alpha version was published on December 20th of this year, on the platform. Splice Crisis 2 doesn't have a defined story so far: here you control one or two characters on a large map where you must kill the greatest number of enemies with the time you have, in addition to saving the survivors scattered across the map.

The game features a visual style that combines the best of 32-bit with the isometric camera found in many classic PC RPG games. You can play using either the keyboard and mouse or the controller, although the latter is more recommended due to its greater accuracy and mobility. Depending on where you aim, you can make headshots at enemies, being able to keep the combo longer and even gain more time to make a higher score. In addition, you can pick up survivors at various points on the maps, as well as get ammo for your weapons and health (killing enemies also generates ammo and health), as well as more time to keep pace.

As mentioned before, at the moment the game is in alpha phase, still being developed. It remains to be hoped that the developer will bring news to this game, as it has a lot of potential, in addition to being an extremely fun game to enjoy. Check out the gameplay of Splice Crisis 2 and, if you are interested, download the demo by clicking on the links below.


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