SPONGEGLOCK SQUAREPANTS: Play as SpongeBob in a mix of GTA-like game and horror game

SpongeGlock SquarePants is a horror game in the first person and a first person shooter developed by MixMorris where you play as SpongeBob. Its objective is to carry out GTA-style missions that are received by Mr. Krabs and involves receiving late payments for drugs and murdering people.

The game has basic commands of the style, with commands of movement, shooting, aiming and interaction. The graphics are the highlight with a good representation of the world of SpongeBob, with well-known characters and a relatively large world. There are cutscenes, plot and even a final boss.

Check out the gameplay

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SUPER 8 MARIO: a demake of the original Super Mario 64

Super 8 Mario is a platform game developed by AcroPR and a demake of the original Super Mario 64 where you explore one of the worlds of the plumber's 2d game. The game has as a highlight the care for

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