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SPOOKWARE: a game with a wide collection of blazing-fast microgames themed around horror tropes

Spookware is an indie horror game as well as an adventure game and role-playing game developed by papercookies, ViktorRKraus, Tib, DreadX where you join three skelebros - Lefti, Midi and Righti - on a journey through the underworld in separate chapters filled with horror-themed microgames.

The game has two types of gameplay: adventure and microgames. In adventure mode you'll be able to explore scenarios, interact with other characters. In microgames mode you'll have more than 60 minigames where you need to think quickly about the commands and what to do inside each one where you'll have 3 attempts to solve all 9 microgames of the round along with a boss battle that, despite having more time, increases the complexity of the game.

Spookware visuals are nice and beautiful. They have an aesthetic of their own with a slight inspiration from the Playstation era game. The characters are charismatic and many of the assets seem to be handcrafted for the game, which gives the game more character.

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