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SPOT H9: Finding Your Car and Driving Away will be a Hard Task in this Survival Horror Game

Spot H9 is an indie survival horror game produced by radolomeo and published on July 24th of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game does not have a set plot. Here you just find yourself in a supermarket parking lot, about to take your car (which is at the spot H9) and leave the place. But this simple activity will be very laborious for you, because in addition to being in a completely dark place, there are sinister forces in the place that want to get in your way.

The game was produced for Callum Upton's Game Jam, within the Horror theme and is quite simple in all aspects. The graphics and visuals are very interesting, but sometimes there are images that have a slightly lower resolution, although this doesn't interfere with the gaming experience. In terms of gameplay, you don't need much here. You just use the WASD keys to walk, the mouse to look and trigger the car control and the Spacebar to use your smartphone to light up the place.

The horror aspect is even well worked here. You spend all your time finding the spot H9 and encountering various elements that appear unexpectedly. Despite everything, the game had a very uncomfortable problem, which is the fact that you can't walk at certain times, that is, your character gets stuck at some point and can't get out of there.

Spot H9 is very short, it would be great if it had a little more content or playing time, but it's worth the quick experience. Check out the gameplay by clicking on this link here. If you are interested, you can download the game by clicking on the page below:

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