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SPOT & STROLL: Feed Ducks, find Lost Items, and Enjoy the Park in this Simulation Game

Spot & Stroll is an indie game produced by Wouter van Vugt and published on the "" platform, on the 8th of February this year. The game does not (so far) have a defined storyline. You just start the game inside a virtual urban park, where you explore the place, feeding ducks, recovering a lost item, and spotting some cute animals.

In fact, Spot & Stroll could not exactly be considered a game, but a virtual experience that could very well make sense if it were produced as a VR game. You just explore the place, behind the animals to observe, in addition to interacting with the ducks and some objects, such as benches, garbage can, and bonfires. The look of the game was built on the basis of the voxel style, a kind of pixelated 3D. The look makes the animals very cute and cuddly, which adds to the charm of the game.

But despite this, the game is not without negative points: there are some bugs that bother you a little, the lack of more content to prolong the game, and the lack of a narrative, which in my opinion would be a good attraction for the game. Check out the gameplay of the game on this link here and enjoy this experience by downloading the game, through this link below:

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