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SQUID GAME: THE GAME: a survival horror game based on the popular Netflix thriller ‘Squid Game’.

Squid Game: The Game is an unofficial indie survival horror game developed by CobbDev where you play one of the ghoulish games from the Netflix series when you meet a man in the subway who offers a vast amount of money. All you need is to play a simple game. Simple and deadly.

The game is located in the game where a doll sings a Korean folk song leaning on a tree, where you have to run while the words are spoken and stop at the right moment so the doll doesn't notice your movements, where you lose - in fact, die - the one who stops after time or moves during the doll's analysis. The only one who survives wins.

The game has generic graphics, but very similar to the series, where the highlight is the doll and scenarios that represent the moment of Squid Game.


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