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STICK IT TO THE STICK MAN: a fun brawler where you face your boss for firing your best friend.

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Stick It To The Stick Man is a brawler game where you build your skills while playing and become stronger and stronger. Your goal is to beat all employees in a company for making you fire your best friend while gaining more skills to face your boss.

The game has simple, but well made visuals, with the use of 3D stick models that provide a comic and action tone to the game. In addition, the gameplay is the highlight with a rogue-lite mechanic that allows various skills to be learned and improved, as well as different combat profiles that provide great battles during the game.


The game now has an exploration mode where you walk through a map with a building where the normal game takes place and also one where you build your own startup with perks, features chosen by you.

In addition, the game has polished effects and a greater randomization factor in stages, changing some floors of the building as well as enemies.


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