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STRAY SOULS: a boy needs to face his past, but someone knows him better than he does.

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Stray Souls is a horror adventure game developed by Jukai Studio where you play as Daniel, a boy who is celebrating his birthday, but who has a dark past. Upon meeting Martha, he discovers that she knows much more about his life than he does and begins to experience supernatural events in a horror game of solutions with combat and puzzles to be solved.

The game has beautiful visuals, with very well made 3d models and highlighting the facial features of the character that seems to have been captured from a real face and impresses for its realism and richness of details. Combats are simpler and similar to other third-person games. The puzzles are reminiscent of other survival horrors, where you need to find items and use them correctly to open new paths.

UPDATE (22/01/2022): Recently, a new version of the demo of the game has been released, which has presented several improvements, some of them even significant, such as a new weather system where trees and plants follow, in real time, the movement of the winds, more gore effects, rewritten dialogue to match the game's pacing, among others.


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