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STRUCTURAL: A Small Adventure Through the Innards of a Strange Building

Structural is a horror-inspired indie adventure game being produced by canovi and which currently has no set release date, but a prototype version of the game was published on the platform on August 31st of this year. Structural takes place in an alternative world to ours, in the year 2022 and in a period of pandemic and quarantine. You are in your house playing video games, but the game is being disrupted by a series of strange sounds caused by your neighbor. Annoyed by the noise, you decide to investigate it.

The game was produced for last year's Summer of Shivers, hosted by the famous indie community Haunted PS1. According to canovi, the game has inspiration directly from the "architectural horror" theme, as well as strange dreams he had and other games he played. Visually, no comment is needed: it's made for the Haunted PS1 community, so you can expect great graphics that emulate the 32-bit aesthetic of PS1 games. Gameplay is simple and nothing more.

You can check out Structural's gameplay, as well as try the prototype if you're interested, by clicking on the links below.



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