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SUBMORTEM: Repair Your Submarine and Avoid an Imminent Sinking in this Simulation Game

Submortem is an indie adventure and simulation game in the first person, produced by toadile and published on April 27 this year, on the indie game platform "". The game was produced for a Game Jam, the Ludum Dare 48, and although it does not have a defined plot, the premise is simple: you are part of the maintenance of a submarine. One day, you wake up and find that the submarine is about to sink. To make matters worse, you are alone and there is a sea monster about to attack you. It is up to you to repair the interior of the submarine and avoid the monster's advances, before it's too late.

Despite being short, the game is quite fun. In terms of graphics, the game has an impressive retro visual appeal. The gameplay is simple, but it fits the proposal. You have four tools, which are found inside the submarine and are essential to ensure the maintenance of the submarine.

If there was a negative point, it would be the fact that Submortem is a very short game, which could be finished in a few minutes. It is one of those games that have enormous potential for something bigger and a game of this level certainly deserved to have a certain longevity. Check out the Submortem gameplay on this link here and take the opportunity to download the game on the page below:

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