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SUBWAY MIDNIGHT: Get on the Train, Solve Puzzles and Try Not to Die in this Spoopy Game

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

Subway Midnight is an indie adventure game with touches of psychological horror that was produced by Bubby Darkstar and published by Aggro Crab on October 28th of this year, on the Steam platform. In Subway Midnight, you control a young girl who boards a train, but you end up discovering two things: the first is that this train is not like the others, because in addition to being long, each car is a representation of some dimensions provided by some ghosts, formerly passengers, and the second one, you are being chased by a strange guy who seems to have ulterior motives... Your mission is to help the ghosts and find a way to escape this strange guy.

Subway Midnight fits right into the term "Spoopy": it features a style of horror mixed with the fluffy, the cute. Here you have a harmony between practically realistic graphics and cartoony and funny characters, which makes the game more fun than scary. The gameplay is very simple, just using the WASD and Spacebar keys. You wander through several wagons, with puzzles to solve and secrets to unravel (the last one here is very important, as it has to do with each ghost present in the game).

The game features 3 endings and can happen according to your progress in the game. Subway Midnight manages to be a lot of fun, introducing each character and their stories whether they are told by cutscenes or just gathering impressions about him in the carriages (sometimes not even that). Recommended for those who enjoy cartoon character design or even msm Spoopy itself. The links for both the gameplay and game video you can click on the link below.



CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE (BEST ENDING): https://youtu.be/rd9xo9PPfn4

BUY THE GAME ON STEAM STORE: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1750570/Subway_Midnight/

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