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SUFFERS: Survive in a World Covered by Decades of Darkness in this Adventure Game

Suffers is a first-person indie adventure game produced by Megabyte Media and published on January 10th this year. The plot has a post-apocalyptic theme: in a world where the sun has stopped shining, leading to decades and decades of total darkness, the distrust among the few survivors has led them to build houses and live some very distant from the others. You are one of those survivors who seek to survive hunger and an eternal blizzard while trying to understand why this world is in a situation like this.

The game is an atmospheric adventure, focused on narrative, which features very simple graphics and gameplay. Your role here is just to go from house to house and find notes left on them, each note telling a snippet of what happened in that world.

The only problem I encountered during the game is the difficulty of picking up objects. Somehow, you can only catch at a certain distance, instead of when you are close, which would be more logical. Maybe they'll fix it in the future.

The game is short, but for an experience focused on narrative, I found it quite reasonable and satisfying. It is worth taking a look. The gameplay of the game made by the website you can see by clicking here. If you are interested in playing, you can download it by clicking on the link below:


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