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Summerland: An impactful first-person game about decisions, good people, and bad actions (PC)

Summerland is a first-person game developed by FyreGames and created by Conner Rush where you pass a test that will tell you how you are and what your actions say about you. In this dense game, your actions and decisions will be relived in a kind of game conducted by a character who questions your nature at all times.

Within a context of work, morals, children, illnesses and "friendships" Summerland deals with the human aspect as a gray area, where good actions and bad decisions mix, bringing different reflections to the surface.

The game is well-crafted, with excellent graphics and an eye-catching dubbing. The narrative is also a high point, with a dense rhythm and that holds from beginning to end. However, despite the qualities, the game lacks polish, because even with a computer with high settings, Summerland ran with low fps, being necessary to decrease the quality for a better performance.

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