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SUPER ROCKET MONKEY: A highly difficult action game where you play with a rocket powered monkey.

Super Rocket Monkey is an indie action adventure game developed by GreenBoxGames where you control a jet-equipped monkey who needs to retrieve a precious artifact by entering the depths of the earth while escaping the cavernous walls of the place.

The game has simple but beautiful visuals, with a modest sprite art that works well not to pollute the screen while playing. After all, the game requires enormous precision from the player to perform winding curves and long paths without bumping into walls that are finely tuned to make it difficult for you to pass and reach new platforms.

The game uses only the mouse and the LBM button to manage the power of the rocket on the monkey's back in 3 scenarios with an extremely high level of difficulty, especially because of the checkpoints that, after losing, make you return to the previous checkpoint, making it possible to go back your entire journey to the beginning of the game.


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