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SWITCH WITCH: Use Spells That Alter Space, Time And Gravity In This Puzzle Platformer Game.

Switch Witch is a third-person shooter, platformer and puzzle game that was produced by JinBab and published on May 13th of this year on the platform. In Switch Witch, you adventure through a series of mind-bending puzzles as you explore a stellar environment. You must act wisely, after all, not everything is what you see at first glance here.

Although the game has a simple look, with beautiful pixel art, Switch Witch's main focus is on its gameplay. Here you have a total of 43 levels, each with a progressive level of challenge as you try to solve seemingly difficult puzzles, and that's where an interesting asset comes in: the use of what the developers call the "4th dimension". Here it consists of knowing well the space and time needed to solve the puzzles. With the use of the pistol, you shoot at a different block, and depending on where you are, the block ends up being transported to the place where you were. This is important in each puzzle, as you will carefully observe where the block should appear, transforming it into support to proceed through the levels.

You can check out the Switch Witch gameplay on our channel and, if you're interested, you can play the game on the page. The respective links are available below.



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