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TADPOLE TALES: an amazing cute hand-drawn game about pollution.

Tadpole Tales is a cute 'em up game developed by Andrei Zi Zhen where you control a small tadpole that represents the last hope to save a river called "Home" of three animals corrupted by pollution. Now you will be walking through the waters of your home in search of saving nature and cleaning all animals affected by dirt.

The game has excellent graphics with handmade drawings and an incredible charisma, the music is spectacular with an incredible composition that reminds a lot of Japanese games of the genre and matches well with the colors of the game. The gameplay, although simple, has subtle details where the shot affects its speed and this should be considered mainly in battles with bosses.

This incredible game has three stages with a boss each and several types of enemies as well as power ups that increase your firepower, change your appearance but also increase your damage field.

Check out the gameplay - Normal Mode

Check out the gameplay - Expert Mode (Night Mode)

Download Tadpole Tales


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