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TAPE-12: A Survival Game Where You Explore a Labyrinth While Something Tries to Kill You

Tape-12 is a short indie first-person survival horror game that was produced by TheSeniorG and published on February 22nd of this year. In the game, you access a VHS tape titled "Tape-12", which contains records of expeditions to "Sublevel12". On each expedition you accompany (read control) a technician sent to restore the electrical energy of the place, which has been cut off for some reason. Your objective is to reactivate the generators, restore power and get out of there as soon as possible, as you are not alone in this place.

According to the developer, the game was inspired by games like "Slender: The Eight Pages", where you run through a huge location looking for a certain number of items while preventing something (or someone) from getting close to you, otherwise it's Game over. With Tape-12 it is not much different, except for two implementations: one is the decibel meter, which varies from low to auto, when faced with the noises that may arise during the game. The greater the noise, the greater the possibility of attracting the monster to where you are. The atmosphere even helps with this, requiring you to spend more time walking than running, in an attempt to avoid as much noise as possible and get the monster's attention. And the other is a kind of map, which you activate from time to time to guide yourself around the place. Graphically, the game has a very PSX-style look, with low-poly graphics and aliasing, very similar to games on Sony's popular 32-bit console.

Check out Tape-12's gameplay and, if you're interested, download the game, which can be found on the platform. Just click on the respective links below.



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