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THE BUILDING 71 INCIDENT: Investigate Suspicious Activities at a University in this Horror Game

The Building 71 Incident is a first-person psychological horror indie game produced by Scary Cube and with a demo published on September 14 this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game takes place in the format of a "found-footage" recording, and in it you control an employee of a university located in southern Brazil in his last moments before his disappearance. Its objective is to investigate suspicious activities that have taken place within a sector, called Building 71, located inside the university and which had been closed due to evidence of gas leaks.

The game was produced as part of an Undergraduate Thesis over a two-month period. And yes, probably the same university where the work was carried out served as an inspiration for the game's scenario (or at least a part, since we are talking about Building 71). The graphics are very well done, and present an impressive degree of realism (I believe the VHS filter also helped with the realism). The gameplay is excessively simple, and that's okay, since the purpose of the game is to create a genuine horror experience, not using jumpscares, but only the lighting and sounds generated by the various electronic objects present in the scenario.

Without a doubt, The Building 71 Incident is a very interesting horror experience, with a good story (although we understand it through notes located in various places in the scenery) and impressive graphics. It's worth checking out the game, which can be downloaded from the page below. As for the gameplay, you can check it out by clicking this link here.

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