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THE COLOSSUS IS COMING: A giant creature is at the center of this narrative-driven horror game.

The Colossus Is Coming is a first-person indie horror game developed by Fyre Games where you play as a man in a forest surrounded by various items. a story about a man who is chased by a gigantic creature. Meanwhile, watch the environment behave strangely.

The game has great build visuals and is completely black and white, with well made 3d models and a very open audio narrative. Gameplay is simple, with movement and interaction commands where you need to find five cassette tapes and finish the story.

Message from the developer:

Hello! My name is Conner Rush, and I'm the creator of FYRE Games, as well as the musician behind Auric Echoes. I'd first just like to take the time to thank all of you for being here and supporting this multi-media passion project of mine. Getting this done through my first year of university has been a challenge to say the least, and I couldn't have done it without you. With that said, if you would like to support me so that I can continue to deliver quality works of art to the public, I've included a link for you to donate to my studio via Paypal. If you'd rather, buying the record on iTunes or Bandcamp would be an incredible help to me as I continue to make music, make games, and continue my education. I truly hope I can continue to make project to make you all proud! Thank you, and enjoy :)

- Conner Rush


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