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THE DAY HAS COME: Witness (and Survive) the Appearance of a Strange Mist in a Mountainous Region

The Day Has Come is a short indie first-person survival horror game with a shooter touch, produced by Stefano Cagnani and published on January 29th of this year, on the platform. The Day Has Come is a game inspired by Stephen King's short story "The Mist", where a strange mist afflicts a city. The events of the game take place in the best VHS Found Footage style, and in it you control a farmer who was spending the weekend in a cabin near the Colorado mountains, in 1987. You hear the news that talk about a strange fog that is covering these American cities, and somehow it's making its way to where you live. It's up to you to prepare for what's to come and try to unravel the mystery surrounding the mist.

There's not much to say about Stefano Cagnani's works: those who follow both the channel and our website here already know that this developer manages to create original works, but that feature elements of classic horror and science fiction films and works, and that manages to create something unique, as if it were a new story within that universe, and it's the same thing that happens in The Day Has Come. From a personal perspective, the game does not seek to retell Stephen King's tale, but rather to present a more spectator perspective of the tale's events.

In terms of graphics, this game undoubtedly borders on realism. The way it was conceived is impressive, even to the point where we are in doubt whether this is a game or if it was filmed, given such a degree of realism. The gameplay is simple, you just walk, move, aim and shoot, nothing more and nothing less than that, as the main focus is on the narrative experience.

Check out the gameplay of The Day Has Come and, if you are interested, download the game, just click on the respective links below.


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