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THE DEVIL: Find Out What's Carrying Passengers to a Cursed Swamp in this Survival Horror Game

The Devil is an indie survival horror action game that was produced by SlugHuman Productions for Summer of Spooks game jam, hosted by the Haunted PS1 community and published on September 1st, 2020, being available on the platform. In the game, you control a lifter, sent by the Spire to rescue a passenger who went down to the swamps and never came back. But strange things happen as you go down the building's premises, talking to other people on your way, and they all seem to point to a demon that is present in the swamps. It is up to you to investigate what is happening there.

The Devil presents a very well done retro look, with low poly graphics, low resolution and camera games that refer to the games he was most inspired by, which are the Resident Evil franchises, Silent Hill and the first Siren. The gameplay is quite typical of those games that The Devil was inspired by, more precisely in the style of Silent Hill, where the movement is not only in the tank style.

The game can be completed in up to an hour, depending on how you play. Also, in case you want to have a little more fun, there's a cheats section on the game's page over at Use them and have fun. The Devil gameplay can be watched on our channel. If you're interested, you can download The Devil game from the page. The respective links are available here below.

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