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THE DISAPPEARANCE: A Horror Game Which You Must Solve a Mystery About Missing Villagers

The Disappearance is a first-person horror indie game, created by Nocturna1 and released on December 20 of this year. In this game, you are a villager who, waking up in the middle of the night, find out that not only your kids are not at home, but the entire population of the town you live in has disappeared without a trace, besides constant apparitions of a supernatural entity which roams the entire city. It's up to you to search into the town to find clues that led you to solve this mystery.

The game has well-made graphics, but with some negative points like, for example, the same model of NPCs, bugs like lantern passing through the doors, etc. The gameplay is very simple and runs well inside the game's proposal: you walk, run, jump, look by using the mouse, interact with the "E" key and use the lantern with the "F" key. In terms of sounds, the game uses good sound effects to give the fear, horror, and tension that the game deserves.

Despite being a short game, The Disappearance works well as a fun game that worth a little playing in those tedious days. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:


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