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THE ERASER: Free Yourself from Your Traumas in a Strange Town in this Survival Horror Game

The Eraser is an adventure and survival horror game produced by Painted Black Games, and published on February 3rd this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In The Eraser, you are Ernest Bloch, a man who suffers from trauma from the past that has been consuming him for years. Upon learning of a city where trauma can be erased, he decides to go there. However, he needs to know that refusing something that has become an integral part of his personality can awaken monsters that can completely devour him.

The game has a very interesting look, as if it came out of a graphic novel, in addition to an isometric camera that allows you to view the entire area around you, allowing you to prepare yourself before facing a stronger enemy or a boss. The game features influences from games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill, but it is mainly in games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne where The Eraser bases its gameplay.

Despite this basis, the game does not seek to be as punitive as your inspirations, but it does require that you are skilled and have the ability to manage your inventory well. The locations are connected by the main area, as in Resident Evil 2, for example. You investigate several areas and sometimes you will have to reinvestigate the same areas in search of secret points or shortcuts.

To this present moment, The Eraser is in the prototype phase. Check out the gameplay by clicking on this link here and download the game by clicking on the link below:


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