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THE FALLEN THIRD: A Survival Horror where a Pastor Investigates a City Full of Secrets

The Fallen Third is a Survival Horror indie game produced by Fingers Dipped in Red and published on July 2nd of this year, on the indie gaming platform "". The game was produced as a prequel to the games "One for The Road" and "The Host", and tells the story of a pastor, named Jeffey, who received a call to pastoring in a new town. Upon arriving there, he receives a message from one of his deacons, Toney, asking to meet him at a place he has decided. Upon arriving there, he realizes that something is wrong and suspects that the city is hiding a big secret. The problem is, he doesn't even know that this secret can turn his world upside down, shaking everything he believes in.

The game is very short, and can be completed in a few minutes. Being made as a prequel to the story of the two games mentioned above, the duration is justified. Besides the duration, the gameplay is very simple, and the graphics are very well done. Perhaps the only problem I found here is in the jumpscare moments: it may be that we are already desensitized by having played several games with the same theme and that use this type of device, but anyway, I think this is something that could be worked better here in the game.

Despite that, it's an interesting prequel, and I'll probably check out the other two games mentioned above to better understand the plot. You can check out The Fallen Third gameplay by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, you can download the game from the page below:

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