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THE GRIM REAPER GAMBIT: Play a game of cards with The Grim Reaper.

The Grim Reaper Gambit is a card game developed by Robin Toller Hovler where you play a card game against The Grim Reaper where you use card combinations to attack and defend your deck while strategizing.

The game has simple visuals, but a very good atmosphere of mystery and soft horror and it becomes a very interesting card game option where you need to use your resources to choose the right cards and do maximum damage to your opponent.

Most of the rules are explained by your opponent, but you can check out more tips from the developer here:

- Draw Cards > You and the Grim Reaper draws cards up to 5 at the start of every round

- Play Cards > Cards can be put to the battlefield if you can pay for them. The price is indicated on the card. You and the Grim Reaper will take turns playing cards as long as you want to and can afford it.

- Battle > When both players have played their cards, battle will take place. In the battle, the strength and health of all cards are combined and compared to the other players strength and health. The players will take damage equal to the amount of damage not stopped by enemy health.

- Deal damage to cards > In addition to damaging the other player, your army will also damage the other army. The total strength of all your cards will be equally split between enemy forces, those that can not defend against the damage will be discarded

- Gambit Card > The Grim Reaper also holds a gambit card that can be played on their turn without cost. The gambit card is a special card that alters the rules of the game when activated. At the start of every turn, the coin is flipped. The coin will decide if the rule change on the card will activate or not. Red side, means the card is activated and the rules change. Green side means no alteration of the rules this turn.

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