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THE HOSPITAL: Investigate the Whereabouts of a Strange Woman in an Hospital in this Horror Game

The Hospital is an indie game produced by Crux Game Studios and published on March 10th this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In The Hospital, you are a patient in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), intubated, with deteriorating health due to the complications of COVID-19. After a brief moment of thought and a period of rest, you wake up standing close to the bed, with normal health. However, you also notice that a woman is walking through the empty corridors of the Hospital. It is up to you to explore the hospital and find out why it is empty, and why this woman is wandering around.

The game is a simulation and psychological horror in the first person, with a strong focus on its narrative. The game is short and can be completed in up to 20 minutes. The look is very neat, and the gameplay is simple, typical of many games of the genre. The scares work well and the experience is interesting, having a greater immersion with the use of headphones.

Unfortunately, because it is more focused on narrative, there is little room for exploration; most rooms are closed, you basically follow the game's script and there's not much to do here, except follow the story and wait for the end. This aspect could be better addressed.

Check out The Hospital's gameplay at this link here and take the opportunity to download the game from the "" page below:

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