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THE KEEPER: Find Out what Happened to Your Wife and Daughter in this Puzzle Game

The Keeper is a first-person indie simulation and puzzle game produced by Comp-3 Interactive, and published on July 28 of that year, on the indie gaming platform "". In The Keeper, you control a fisherman who wakes up during a night of fishing and finds it's time to go home. Unfortunately, the return journey does not go well and your boat crashes into the coast of the island. Once there, you finally get home: the problem is that the house is completely empty and you don't know where your wife and daughter have gone. It's up to you to unravel this mystery.

The game was created for a Game Jam led by the Haunted PS1 community, Summer of Shivers 2021. Graphically, the game is impressive in showing a visual style similar to Sony's 32 bit console games in a satisfying way. In fact, the influence is such that I wouldn't doubt if this were released as a normal PS1 game. The gameplay, as in any other indie game of the genre, is simple and fits well in the proposal to provide a great personal experience (from the protagonist, of course).

The only negative point that I would perhaps put here is the fact that it is a very short game and can be finished in a few minutes. Despite this, this experience is worth checking out. The Keeper gameplay can be found at this link here. If you want to try the game by yourself, just click on the link on the game page below:

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