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THE LESSER EVIL: Survive 10 nights, each painstakingly harder as U get to pick a curse for yourself.

The Lesser Evil is an action indie game as well as an indie shooting game developed by Jon Topielski, Prifurin, bruncket where you play as a sniper who needs to survive 10 nights while choosing cards that curse you with something that makes each new challenge difficult through cards that change the scenario and your actions.

The game has simple graphics and easy-to-learn gameplay. However, the difference is in the cards that the game presents to you where it is mandatory to choose one to continue. The cards change the gameplay and the scenery by adding paints that appear and disappear, the invisibility of the crosshair or flashlight, the addition of rain and ice rink, among other cards that make the journey increasingly demanding and difficult.

Besides, you'll have to defeat the enemies that appear in a real bullet hell where you need to manage your flashlight that has a useful life with the enemy's shots.


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