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THE LONGEST WALK: An Emotional Experience About a Father Living with Depression

The Longest Walk is a short indie first-person simulation game that was produced by TheSandymanCan and published on May 11th of this year, available on the platform. In fact, The Longest Walk is described more as an experience than a game itself, and in it, you step into the shoes of the developer's father, where you follow, in an immersive and even poetic way, his experience of living with depression. and suicidal thoughts.

According to the developer, who is a PHD student and Lecturer in Game Design, The Longest Walk was made as part of a series of prototypes for a PHD at Abertay University. In terms of gameplay, there's not much to say, it's a walking simulator, where your only role is to walk and explore the environment that the game offers. The main focus here is on its graphics and narrative: the game has few visual elements, but it is interesting to see the way in which the scenarios are assembled, with the junction of several pixels and points, forming the scenarios that represent the protagonist's memories, All this done very well, artistically speaking.

It is worth remembering that the game presents and discusses themes involving depression, anxiety and suicide, and this can trigger some discomfort for those who are playing and going through it. Because of this, the developer has left a link to a support group called Samaritans, which can be accessed on the page. You can check out The Longest Walk gameplay on our channel. In case you are interested, download The Longest Walk game on the page, you just need to click on the respective links below.

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