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THE MORTUARY ASSISTANT: Perform Embalmings and Exorcize Demonic Forces in this Horror Game

The Mortuary Assistant is a first-person indie adventure, simulation and horror game produced by DarkStone Digital and with a demo version published on February 13, 2020, and updated on April 14 of that year. In addition, the full version is scheduled for Spring 2022, both on the indie gaming platform "" and on Steam. In The Mortuary Assistant you control an assistant who has started an internship at the River Fields Mortuary. In your days working there, you always end up hearing rumors about the dead who end up possessed by some entity or paranormal events in the place, but you ignore all that and go to work, considering the stigmas they place about death. One day you were called in for embalming. However, this time, you feel that something different might happen and that maybe the comments about the place are really correct.

What we're playing here is a prototype version, focusing on the creepy atmosphere and concept of the game. The gameplay is excellent, focused on simulation, where you interact with different items according to the proposed objectives in the list. In terms of graphics, the game has great visuals and the lighting, very well produced. The horror aspect present here is something quite elaborate, with a greater focus on the psychological rather than appealing to exaggerated jumpscares.

As predicted for Spring 2022, The Mortuary Assistant may change by then. All that's left is to wait when it comes out and so we can enjoy a complete horror experience. In the meantime, you can download the demo on both the "" and Steam pages, which can be found on the links below. As for the gameplay, you can check it out by clicking on this link here.

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