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THE NIGHT OF '87: Find a Way to Regain Your Memory while Facing Zombies in this Survival Horror Game

The Night of '87 is a first-person survival horror indie game that was produced by FreezeStudios and published on the indie gaming platform on October 21st of this year. In The Night of '87, you control Robert Williams, who wakes up inside a gas station bathroom, with no idea how he got there and no memory. To make matters worse, there's a body, smeared with blood, in the same spot where you woke up. With all of this going on, it's up to you to investigate what happened before all this.

The Night of '87 was produced for a game jam intitled "Scream Jam 2021" and is very simple, both in visual aspects and in its gameplay. The graphics are inspired by PSX games and the gameplay is typical of FPS games. The game features two endings. You can check out The Night of '87 gameplay (with its two endings) by clicking this link here. If you are interested in playing, the link to the game page on is here below.

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