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THE PARROT THAT SUMMONS DEMONS: see sinister events through the eyes of a family in this Horror Game

The Parrot That Summons Demons is an indie game of visual novel and interactive horror fiction produced by CASE and had its demo version published on February 2nd this year, on the Steam store. In the game, you follow the life of an ordinary family. On a beautiful day, the father of this family adopts a parrot and, from there, sinister supernatural events begin to happen.

The game has a gameplay aimed at the visual novel, but there is an interesting factor that differentiates the game from the others: at the same time that you follow the text and the dialogues, you also witness the action that takes care of the screen, which makes this game much more dynamic and immersive.

Here, you look at history through the eyes of four family members. Each of them is controlled in the form of chapters, which gives us a broader view of each character's thoughts and the way they react from the events taking place in the house.

The graphics are very well done, with a greater emphasis on the characters: according to the author, they were modeled after people from the very studio where they work (an example of this is Alexander McCauley, the head of the family, who was modeled on from the father of three brothers, who also work in the studio).

At the moment, the game only features a demo version, with an episode focused on Samantha McCauley, the family's oldest daughter. In addition, there is no specific release date for the game, so we'll have to wait. You can check the gameplay of The Parrot That Summons Demons by clicking on this link here and, if you are interested, download the episode "Samantha" by clicking on the link below. Take a chance and put the game in your Steam Wishlist:


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