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THE SALVATION PROJECT: Your favorite show has a muppet that helps you fight Satan in your home.

The Salvation Project is a first-person horror game developed by Lenat_1, Felegz, Tihan, OrangeOwa where you play as a mother abandoned by everyone but your favorite TV show hosted by a frog who, most of the time, wants yours well. Now, even with a decayed mind, you need to cast the devil out of your house in this game about television, satanism and a haunted house.

The game has graphics that mimic the aesthetics of Playstation 1 games with low resolution models and textures and a first-person gameplay with interaction and movement commands where you need to interact with objects and carry out missions.

The game has good dialogues, with an emphasis on Seth, the frog, who gives the instructions and goals you should accomplish at home.


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