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THOMAS, THE SHANK ENGINE: a survival horror game where you need to prevent a train from crushing you

Thomas, The Shank Engine is a survival horror game developed by royalewithsteez where you fall unconscious waiting for your train and, upon waking up, notice a strange VHS. A tape you've never seen that has a connection to a strange train.

The game features 32-bit era-inspired visuals with low-res and low-resolution 3d models plus an addition of VHS filter that enhances the horror atmosphere reminiscent of old movies. The objective is to survive the train in two scenarios, where in the first you need a password to open a door while preventing the train from colliding with you in the tunnels, and in the second, an open scenario with an even more bizarre and ferocious train where you need to reach a certain point on the map with green light.

Check out the gameplay

Download Thomas, The Shank Engine

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