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THREAT OF SILENCE: An Autobiographical Adventure/Horror Game about Schizophrenia

Threat of Silence is a first-person psychological horror adventure game being produced by HLNunnelly and currently in the development stage. A demo version, however, was published on March 9th of this year, and is available on the platform. According to gamedev, Threat of Silence is based on real events, rather, her experience with schizophrenia. In the game, you control Claire, a woman who suffers from the same disease, who finds herself involved in an intense paranormal situation and, when it involves a loved one, she will have the help of Rebecca, her girlfriend and Morrigan, a representative dark goddess of war and fate.

In terms of story and narrative, the game seems to be quite interesting, as it approaches the perspective of a person with schizophrenia. We can witness, in a certain way, how the illness affects Claire, to the point of putting doubts in the player, if everything she goes through is a consequence of illness or if it is really real, since even the messages from her smartphone are also cast this doubt. In graphic aspects, the game is very simple, from the environment to the character design itself. The gameplay is even simpler, with a style more focused on exploration, simulation, etc, which further validates the game as a highly narrative-focused experience.

Currently the game is still in the development stage, and has a Kickstarter page for anyone who wants to contribute. The gameplay of Threat of Silence can be seen on our channel and, if you are interested, you can download the demo. Just click on the respective links below.


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