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THROUGH THE ARCH: Level the Platforms and the Water to Reach the Finish in this Platform Game

Through the Arch is a fast-paced short indie platformer that was produced by ValentinPoinot and published on November 8th of this year, on the indie gaming platform itch.io. Through the Arch was produced for this year's Video Games Lab: Game Jam and there is no plot here: you simply control a geometric shape and your goal is to get it to the arch at the end of each stage.

In artistic terms, Through the Arch is visually beautiful. The game uses the aesthetic (and this reflects its small soundtrack as well) of this new 1980s-style revival, with strong neon lights of different colors. The gameplay is simple, but unfortunately it has a bug related to the controller: with it connected, the geometric shape can't stay still, it's always moving. Other than that, the game happens as follows: you must reach the arch and, for that, you must move on the platforms, which go down due to your weight. Platforms drain your energy, unlike water. So, you must level the platforms and the water so that you can reach the arch without losing energy.

Check out the gameplay of Through the Arch and download the game by clicking on the links below.

CHECK OUT THE GAMEPLAY HERE: https://youtu.be/DC6Hpxn6rtI

DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE: https://valentinpoinot.itch.io/through-the-arch

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