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TO THE END OF DAYS: A comet on a collision course with Earth will keep you from finding your family.

To The End of Days is an apocalyptic action game developed by Scythe Dev Team where you play as Ace Miller, a man who seeks to find his family traveling through a coastal town. However, a comet is about to hit the planet and a cult of fanatics is on the loose to cleanse the world of "non-believers".

The game has a good narrative and good gameplay. The visuals are simple, with low-poly 3D models that serve to tell the story and make the game fluid. The shots are good but it requires some mastery, especially when you use your second function that turns into a kind of axe. If you know how to use your weapon well, it is possible to kill more than one with just a single shot. Manage your resources during the game's chapters and you'll be able to finish with some ease.

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