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TOGETHERNESS: Discover the Truth About Yourself and the Mysterious Voice that Haunts You

TOGETHERNESS: Burn The House Down is an indie third-person horror adventure game being produced by TTCHTONE and which had a demo version published on May 2nd of this year, on the indie gaming platform In the game, you are Cerebra, a young girl who wakes up in her room with no memories of who you are or what happened. You are accompanied by a strange voice, which advises you to stay at home and not leave there, but you are suspicious of these comments, and now your objective is to explore the house to find out the truth about you and why this voice keeps saying these things.

Being quite straightforward, the game itself is quite simple, at least taking into account what we saw here in this demo. The game seems to be one of those that were produced in RPG Maker, with a well done pixel art but small gameplay. The art of the cutscenes is very beautiful, with a light style. Apparently, the game will have a huge focus on narrative, which leads us to consider TOGETHERNESS as a Visual Novel. I think we'll only know more in the future, as more demos emerge or the full version is released, because that's all we see here for now.

While the game is still in the development stage, you can check out the demo gameplay on our channel and/or download it from the page. The respective links are below.



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