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TORCHURE: Explore the Ruins at the Cost of Explorers' Lives in this Adventure Game

Torchure is an indie simulation and adventure game produced by footnotesforthefuture (along with Toolham, NonStopping and Paulby) and published on March 1st this year, on the indie gaming platform "". In Torchure, you control an adventurer, who explores the ruins of an ancient civilization in search of the Crystal Skull. Armed with just a flashlight and your courage, you venture into the dark trying to avoid the traps as much as possible in search of the treasure ... and also come back alive.

Torchure presents a first-person perspective with a simple look, with characters and objects in a more designed style. In terms of gameplay, the game lets you explore the path in the easiest way: you can be careful and explore the ruins by looking at the ground, dodging buttons and wells with spikes (in this case here, presented by a darker texture).

If you miss a step, you die, and this is where an interesting thing comes in: when you die, you control another adventurer, who will explore the place, and the one who died in the trap, will leave his flashlight to illuminate the area. You can create the entire path at the cost of the death of the other adventurers, which even gives a sense to the name of the game (Torchure = torture).

It's a short game, but it's really fun. Despite being in the development stage, you can play it until the end. Check out the Torchure gameplay at this link here and, if you are interested, download the game from the "" page below:

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