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TRIANGLE: A Simulation Game Which You Embarks on a Suicide Task to Ensure Earth's Victory

Triangle is a third-person simulator indie game with a focus on the narrative which was produced by ivaCode and released on the platform on December 26 of this year. You are Kyle, an astronaut who, during your journey to the Centaury planet, has your ship severely damaged by entities known as "they", but he can make it to land on this planet, despite that. With your ship malfunctioning and very limited oxygen, Kyle needs to find and activate an energy source of this planet, which will help mankind finally counterattack and win this long war against these entities.

The game, in a few words, is simple in every aspect. You only move, look with the mouse, and interact with objects. The graphics are very beautiful and the soundtrack, relaxing. The biggest focus here is the plot, and the suicide mission of Kyle in activating the source energy, guaranteeing mankind's victory, even he losing his life in the process.

It's a short game that worth some minutes of gameplay if you're interested. Until this moment, the game is in the development stage. Check out the gameplay by clicking right here and download the game on the link below:

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